Graduate Students

Welcome to Graduate Student Learning Skills Services!

Feeling overwhelmed with the work load at grad school? Wondering how you’ll ever keep up with the readings, pass your comps and/or get your research completed in this lifetime? Want to succeed in grad school? Learning Skills Services can help.

Check out our services on ideas on how to balance the challenges of keeping up with the readings, passing your comprehensives, and conducting and completing your research. Click here for a range of Learning Skills Workshops offered.

Looking for resources, academic supports, help keeping on track or help developing a plan to complete your research? Wondering how to improve your time management? Book a confidential individual appointment with a Grad Learning Skills Specialist via our online booking system. Click here for information on how to book an individual learning skills appointment. Look for an available time in the line labelled Grad Student Coaching. If you don't see this line, that means there are no available times that week. If there are no times available, please check again the following Monday morning when new spots become available.

Learning Skills Services are also available to work with groups of grad students, to custom-design workshops and services to fit your group's needs. Please email Cathy Boyd-Withers (, Grad Learning Skills Specialist.

If you are working with undergraduate students (e.g. you are a course TA) please feel free to refer your students to Learning Skills Services for assistance with achieving academic goals. Click here for more information about services.

Grad students looking for volunteer experience are invited to email Cathy Boyd-Withers (, Grad Learning Skills Specialist.

We regularly review resources that may be of help to grad students. We will continue to update and expand the resources, workshops and services, so please bookmark this page, visit often and check our monthly workshop calendar.  To share with us your feedback, corrections, and additional listings, click here.

can help you better manage your time, organize the work flow, maintain momentum, and successfully complete your Master’s or PhD degree requirements within a reasonable length of time.

In addition, Learning Skills staff are willing to work with individuals and/or groups of graduate students, to custom-design workshops and services to fit your needs. Please email Cathy Boyd-Withers (, the Learning Skills Specialist who specializes in working with graduate students,  and let us know how we can help!