Graduate Students

Welcome to Graduate Student Learning Skills Services!

Feeling overwhelmed with the work load at grad school? Wondering how to keep up with the readings, complete your coursework, prepare for comps and/or get your research done in this lifetime? Want to succeed in grad school? Learning Skills Services can help can help you better manage your time, organize the work flow, maintain momentum, and successfully complete your Master’s or PhD degree requirements within a reasonable length of time. We offer a range of services, resources and Learning Skills Workshops on key topics needed for academic success at any level, from new undergrads all the way up to advanced grad students.

If you are working with undergraduate students (e.g. you are a course TA) please feel free to also refer your students to Learning Skills Services for assistance with achieving academic goals. Click here for more information about all of our services.

In addition to our regular workshops, open to all current York undergrad and graduate students, Learning Skills Services may occasionally offer workshops customized more specifically to the needs of grad students. Please email Learning Specialist Cathy Boyd-Withers ( for more information, and don't hesitate to let us know how we can best serve grad students at York.